T-Shirt Hell Pulls Publicity Stunt, Stays in Business

Fucking Classyt T-Shirt

A part of me says this can’t be true – maybe it’s a publicity stunt, or that the tidal wave of positive e-mails urging T-Shirt Hell to stay open will change his mind.

That was my ‘say it ain’t so’ moment I had while writing the ‘T-Shirt Hell is closing‘ post one week ago. I really did believe that T-Shirt Hell was going out of business, and I’m not sure I can blame myself for taking the bait. Their eccentric owner is clearly capable of doing things on a whim, like legally changing his name to Sunshine Megatron, for example. He also closed down his spinoff t-shirt store Torso Pants late last year. Besides, I figured that if T-Shirt Hell really wanted to pull a hoax like this, they would have already done it years ago, at a time when their tees were at the height of contraversy.

I guess I got played for a fool, after all. So, the moral of the story is that, If you are planning on having children in the future, you’ll still have to worry about some douchebag wearing one of these god-damn t-shirts in front of your kids.

10 thoughts on “T-Shirt Hell Pulls Publicity Stunt, Stays in Business

  1. I say more power to him. Anything one can do to keep one’s business running nowadays (that isn’t TOO unethical) is fine by me.

  2. I wonder how many people he has put off his brand by pulling this stunt. True he has good sales in the run up to the ‘shut down’ but people don’t like being made fools of.

  3. if you want something sparkly and pretty check out a site called sparkle-plenty. super-cute crystal and rhinestone stuff. they also do customs, which is how i heard about them — from the salon i work in.

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