T-Shirts that make you scratch your head.

If you haven’t yet noticed, I sometimes write about shirts that I wouldn’t recomend anyone wear, yet are interesting in some way.  Sometimes I just like to see what qualifies as a ‘good t-shirt idea’ in somebody else’s head.  A lot of times those t-shirt are pointless, or grossly offensive, and here’s an example of each.

Texas Blast T-Shirt

“Texas is Blast” is up for sale at Loiterink, which used to be the well respected LuckyThreadz before changing their name last year.  I’m not sure what justifies making such a macabre reference to President Kennedy’s assasination, although the illustration is beautiful.  Even worse, the shirt is available in kids sizes.  What’s up with that, Loiterink?

Sex or Rape T-Shirt

The second t-shirt is from Cafepress, the home of the do-it-yourself publishing community.  I’m not quite sure why the shirt’s slogan needs to be said, and there quite a few interesting and meaningful designs on the topic.

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