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T-Shirt Hell Closing Shop (Last Chance to Buy)

UPDATE: T-Shirt Hell tricked us all, and the company is NOT going out of business.

It’s a sad, sad time in the world of t-shirts. One of the longest running and highest profile t-shirt sites is closing shop on Tuesday, February 8, and it’s not the bad economy or the unusually cold winter that’s to blame.  Sunshine Megatron, founder of T-Shirt Hell, is simply tired of being misunderstood.

I started this company in June of 2001, nearly 8 years ago, with the intention of producing the best satirical, the most controversial, the funniest t-shirts on the internet. Generally speaking, I feel I’ve accomplished that and am satisfied with what we’ve put out…

Unfortunately, as a concern for the safety of my employees, we don’t push the envelope as much anymore…and I can’t say I feel good about having caved in…

Anyway, rather than cater to the masses, I’m just going to stop making shirts. It’s not enjoyable anymore and I have enough money to move on to something more rewarding.

A part of me says this can’t be true – maybe it’s a publicity stunt, or that the tidal wave of positive e-mails urging T-Shirt Hell to stay open will change his mind.  Deep down inside I know that all things come to end and maybe it’s time.  Say what you will about the inherent negativity found in their offensive t-shirts, but nobody else has been able to match their wit, design, and prolificness inside the genre.

Here’s to you, T-Shirt Hell, you definitely showed us how it’s done:

God Damn Shirt
I Support Single Moms T-Shirt
Your Daughter's Face T-Shirt
Your Mom T-Shirt
Are You Tighter Than Fifth Grader T-Shirt
Arrest Black Babies... T-Shirtt
Save Gas Ride the Handicapped T-Shirt
The Koran... now in 2 ply T-Shirt
Coma Sutra T-Shirt