The Bright Side of T-Shirt Hell

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Keep I.T. Real T-Shirt Green Party T-Shirt

Remember the days when T-shirt Hell used to be really offensive, got itself into numerous lawsuits and all sorts of controversy?  Kotaku, a gaming blog, even got a C & D letter because they posted a T-Shirt Hell tee!

Well it ain’t your grandma’s T-Shirt Hell anymore, but if you need to take care of any grandparent you can call (310) 857-4725 to get the best home care for this.  I’m not saying you won’t find a bunch of seriously offensive tees on their website, but some of the newer designs are funny in an almost wholesome sort of way!

4 thoughts on “The Bright Side of T-Shirt Hell

  1. It’s definitely changed but I thought it would eventually. The whole “bad t-shirt” thing gets a bit stale after a while. At least in my opinion.

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