The Ten Deadly Sins

Ex-Fornicator T-Shirt

The Passion 4 Christ Movement website is distributing a collection of t-shirts aimed at kicking bad habits with slogans such as Ex-Masturbator, Ex-Homosexual, and Ex-Hypcorite. Other sin-denoucing tees are Ex-Diva, Ex-Slave, Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Atheist, Ex-Porn Addict, Ex-Narcissist, and Ex-Huster. One sin anyone at PC4M couldn’t possibly be accused of is Greed — the shirts are only $10 each. Suck it,! No word of any combo discount for anyone who needs the whole collection. [via Kiss Me I'm Queer]

UPDATE: For better or worse, the shirts are now gone from the P4CM website.

5 thoughts on “The Ten Deadly Sins

  1. Great idea, but I don’t like the font.
    Are these copyright-protected somehow or can I make my own in a better typeface without incurring lawsuits?

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