Torso Pants – from the creator of T-Shirt Hell

Where my Knickers at? T-Shirt Hey you... t-shirt
I Told You So T-Shirt I Stole this Shirt... T-Shirt

If you are wondering what Sunshine Megatron, creator and owner of T-Shirt Hell is up to nowadays, you might be interested to learn about his next t-shirt making venture – TorsoPants.  Apparently, making really offensive t-shirts has become somewhat oldhat for Mr. Megatron, who had his name legally changed 2006.  The order of the day has become esoteric, dry-humored t-shirts that are a lot more likely to confuse than to offend.  There’s definitely some overlap between the two sites.  A few of the shirts, like Words on Shirt, Go Local Sports Team and/or College, and Home School Valedictorian have appeared on both sites at some point. [Via Westword]

UPDATE: TorsoPants didn’t take off in the same  the same way as it’s parent site, and has been shut down.

9 thoughts on “Torso Pants – from the creator of T-Shirt Hell

  1. Aren’t these just retarded? Anyways, take a look at how amazingly nice the site design is, especially compared to some of the really basic t-shirt designs, and yeah, I comment on my own posts now..

  2. I like some of the humor as well, and I always thought T-Shirt Hell knew how to be funny while being offensive or not. My only concern is that a lot of Torso Pants’ stuff is really plain. I mean, how would you feel about spending $20 for a plain black shirt that simply said “Let’s fight some ballerianas.” Granted, there’s isn’t much you can do with some of those one-liners.

  3. What a unique individual. I believe his autistic cousin started I’m not even kidding…
    I think the cousins t-shirts are better than his though. Maybe not as funny but more intelligent. More esoteric as the cousins site has shirts of saints and yogis and as for dry humor that’s just for the closed minded moron. I think it took the cousin like 8 months to build his website though and the site itself is not very professional looking. I’ve also heard that his cousin is sueing for stealing many of his ideas. Crazy stuff

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