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Ok, I get it, Transformers is kind of a big deal. The movie grossed $24.7 million on it’s first day, and NerdyShirts released not four but five new Transformers t-shirts this week. To top it off one of my coworkers actually showed up to work wearing a Transformers voice changer hel

You see, I hadn’t set foot in the good ol’ US and A until late in 1991, and as such have not seen a single Transformers episode. I had seen Plenty of M.A.S.K., Conan the Adventurer, and TMNT, and lots Transformer toy commercials in between. Maybe, just maybe I’ll go watch the movie and see what I’ve been missing. Should I?

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  1. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with DoughBoy. For all the nostalgia that I have toward the classic toys and cartoons having an adults first experience be ‘You Got The Touch’ probably isn’t going to be a good idea. The cartoon was very much just a vehicle to flog new toys and the story lines reflect that. Suitable for kids consumption? Very much so. But expecting that cheese to induce the same sense of grandeur and technical adventure in adults is probably expecting too much. Just go see the move and enjoy it for what it is – a summer blockbuster. The rest of us will be too busy exhuming the optimism of our youth.

  2. Of course you should see the movie! I loved it for what it is, the best blockbuster movie of the summer! (ok and die hard was pretty good too) Now if you feel nostalgia get the Optimus Prime vintage T Shirt which for me is excellent!

  3. I am going to agree with katrina, the “New” Transfromers movie is the best most this year. (i still have to see Die Hard) Transformers is funny. It has lot’s of action. Fast cars & Awesome Transformers. Everything that a movie should have.

    I like the old school shirt too. We need to make some new ones though. I’ll work on it.

  4. Love the designs, works very well on a T-Shirt, It is really difficult to come up with a unique simple ideas and I think a few of these achieve it. Thanks

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