What kind of t-shirt person are you?

Question Mark T-Shirt

I’ve come to notice that some of the most popular t-shirt sites seem to be complete opposites.  Take T-Shirt Hell and Threadless, for example.  Both do extremely well, yet I can’t imagine their tees coexisting peacefully in the same closet.

Have a different t-shirt shop in mind that truly is your favorite?  Let everyone know in a comment and maybe I’ll add it to the poll.  (Commenting couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require registration.)

T-shirt designers are welcome to plug their site, but please make a case for why your t-shirts really are worth our attention.

21 thoughts on “What kind of t-shirt person are you?

  1. Hey Joe, I feel bad about giving such a limited answer range… I just find it so interesting that two of the most popular brands couldn’t be more different, and BustedTees sort of represents the fratboy/geek option. If you ever take a pic of some of your closet favs (no pun intended), feel free to post a link!

  2. Threadless is strong with a cult-like following. They do a great job. Please consider us “You Design It” if you ever do a poll for custom t-shirts.

  3. Hey, Blake, I’m curious about what kind of clients you work with. From the website it seems like you do alot of inside joke/ family reunion/ fantasy team type of stuff, which is really cool.

    I’m actually working on several designs at the moment, and I’m becoming more committed to the process. Taking a couple of art classes as well.

  4. Can’t see redbubble on your list their t-shirts production quality is great. The range is wide from crap to spectacular. Which is understandable considering anyone can post and sell their designs. But they have so many wonderful designers on there.

  5. Just found your site. I own a t-shirt shop called The Junkyard (retail and screenprinting). Check us out at http://www.TheJunkyardStore.com.

    Are you looking for someone to print your shirts – high quality, low printing costs (no art fee, no screen fees, no set up fees)? Maybe we’ll even carry your designs in our store.

    Why sell at Cafe Press (their printing and t-shirt quality is horrible) when you can make much more money on your own with your own site. Email us if you are looking for a printer or someone to sell your shirts? TheJunkyardStore@hotmail.com

  6. This is a really great site for t-shirt lovers! I personally hate it when I find a great t-shirt but everyone else seems to be wearing it too, and that is why my partner and i started warthogfalcon.com which is an internet based t-shirt company that designs and produces unique limited edition shirts.

  7. For all you hard core T-shirt lovers, you have got to check out a really cool website. Go to Transformation Tees at http://www.reflectyourpower.com to see the most powerful and motivating T-shirts around! I just bought one and it comes in a beautiful gift box with all sorts of supporting information about the shirt design. These things are so unique that I now know why it’s becoming the “must have

  8. cmp: Some of the gesture drawings remind me of stuff we did in drawing class to warm up. You’d have anywhere from 5-20 seconds to draw a quiz pose given by the model. Some of those quick poses ended up looking better than anything I’d spend hours on.

  9. Wow, I just bought a totally cool, totally one-of-a-kind (“BELIEVE”) Obama shirt from http://www.y-labelclothing.com. My friend just picked up one of their logo shirts, cool..too. The shirt is good quality (might be American Appl), and the screening is top notch. Check it out!! I think we’ll be hearing from them.

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